Tennis Court Cleaning

Gentle & effective tennis court cleaning by John from All Exterior Cleaning.

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Tennis Court Cleaning

Tennis courts are meant to be played on

Is yours too slippery with mould or an eye-sore? You paid good money for your court so you need to enjoy it – don’t let mould and dirt make it slippery, unsafe, ugly and ignored. Call John for gentle low pressure, but effective, tennis court cleaning.

Let John from All Exterior Cleaning carefully kill the mould and remove the dirt to make your tennis court safe, attractive and enjoyable again.

Synthetic/acrylic “hard” courts are a concrete or bitumen base coated in a thick soft paint which has a rough surface, and maybe some fine sand, for grip. Unfortunately, the rough surface also traps dirt and moisture which then feeds the mould, and as the court is flat, rain will not wash off all the dirt.

Expert Cleaning makes a difference

How to clean your tennis court

High-pressure cleaning is not suitable for your tennis, basketball or netball court, as it will damage the delicate painted surface – many pressure washers will use up to 4000 psi (pounds per square inch) of pressure – while this is good for concrete cleaning, it can be very bad for tennis courts as it just tears the paint away (and maybe the mould too). While the court will look great, especially when wet, the pressure has torn off a lot of the surface paint, and because the mould hasn’t been killed, it just grows back. If your court is covered in clean stripes a year or two after cleaning it is because the mould wasn’t killed last time and only high-pressure water was used (see my photos below).

To successfully clean a tennis court all the mould needs to be killed, and all the dirt needs to be lifted with a strong mould killer & detergent, then it all needs to be washed away with just enough pressure to get into the rough surface, but not tear the paint away. The final rinse is very important and can not be rushed as all the fine particles of dirt and any detergent residue must be washed away, this usually requires two attempts.


Cleaning your tennis, basketball, or netball court

  1. Tirmiz Clear the surface
    Blowing all loose leaves, sticks and other debris off with a leaf blower
  2. Korkino Spot Clean
    Special stains will be spot treated with an appropriate cleaner, and scrubbed as needed
  3. Apply Cleaning Solution
    A strong mould killing & dirt lifting solution will be applied – repeated as needed – and allowed to soak in
  4. Clean with Low Pressure
    The court will be cleaned with low-pressure water – I have a wide selection of large nozzles to give only low pressure from the wand/gun or surface cleaner
  5. Rinse Clean
    All the debris that has been lifted is then rinsed away

Expert Cleaning with the right tools