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Improve the look and value of your home

Your home is your most valuable asset. It’s where you raise your family, spend your leisure time and entertain your friends and family… So you need to keep it looking it’s best. Not just when visitors are coming, or when it’s for sale, but all the time – to protect its value and because you’re worth it.

Over the years your house may have all sorts of problems. There may be parts where –

  • Mould grows (often the eaves outside the kitchen & bathroom windows where the hot moist air escapes; and walls, eaves & gutters under trees or on the shady side)
  • Paint that is in the sun will fade and break down (called oxidation – a white powder that comes off when you touch it)
  • Insect screens will gather dust & fluff (and reduce airflow and light)
  • Spiders will find a cosy home in a warm, still corner
  • Lawn grub moths will lay their eggs on the eaves and verandahs near your beautiful green lawn
  • Fruit bats and birds will do their business as they fly past
  • Geckos will do what geckos do
  • Dirt will settle on the window sills and weatherboards

And so the list of problems and pollutants goes on.

You need to protect your investment, whether you live there or rent it out. Reclaim your valuable, clean and welcoming home. Let John from All Exterior Cleaning wash away the mould, stains and grime from your house, pool area, patio, paths, driveway etc. and oil your timber deck and seal your concrete and pavers to improve their look and value.

See why expert house washing makes a difference


How John washes a house in Brisbane

External house washing from the gutter to the ground, involves the following steps:
  1. Cleaning Solution Applied
    A mild cleaning solution is applied to kill the mould and lift the dirt.
    This is repeated until everything is thoroughly wet and the mould is dead.
  2. Gentle Brushing & Washing
    The gutters, fascia, walls, windows & sills are brushed if needed.
    No high pressure is used - if more pressure than the garden hose is needed then the brush is used.
  3. Final clean & rinse
    Final cleaning and rinsing with low-pressure water, sometimes I just use the garden hose.

Gentle House Washing By John From All Exterior Cleaning