Commercial Cleaning

Improve the look and safety of your shop, cafe or workshop. All Commercial & Industrial cleaning from John of All Exterior Cleaning.

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Making business more welcoming and safer

Your business is your income, make it more welcoming and safer for customers and employees by cleaning paths, driveways, carparks, outdoor work areas and outdoor eating areas. Let John from All Exterior Cleaning wash away the mould, stains, and grime from your business to improve its look and value.

Building washing

Gutter, facia, eaves, verandah, pergola, patio, walls, doors, windows, screen, railings, stairs etc – is done by applying a cleaning solution, repeating this until everything is thoroughly wet, brushing if needed and cleaning and rinsing with low-pressure water. Windows can then be rinsed with glass cleaner and towel dried if needed.

Hard surface cleaning

Concrete slabs, concrete pavers, clay pavers, terracotta pavers, stone pavers, ceramic tiles have a strong cleaning solution applied, and reapplied until everything is thoroughly wet, scrubbed if needed, the solution is allowed to penetrate and then it is cleaned with low, medium or high-pressure water as needed and rinsed with low-pressure water. The deep stains are then re-treated and washed again.

Now clean they should be protected with a high-quality sealer.


How John washes commercial property

Commercial & Industrial Cleaning